Friday, August 10, 2012

Below is the latest review of Desert Shadow.  One of the very best things about writing is when someone enjoys what I have written.

With their children were all grown up and settled in their own lives, Louise and Paul Weston had settled down in the high desert just outside Arivaca, Arizona. They had retired and were free to live their lives in their own way. They travelled, pursued their hobbies and were happy with their lives till the peace was shattered by a black SUV tried to run them off the road. Then soon their house was broken into and threats painted on their house walls. They weren’t the kind of people who would lie low and not fight back. So they soon had their own plan of action and surveillance. But once involved, they it did not take them much time to realize that the stakes were high and things were much more dangerous than they had initially thought. Not knowing who to trust and who not to trust, they soon find unexpected allies in their quest.

I had a great time reading Ms.Harris’s Antique Magic a few weeks back and so I had certain expectations from this book. I am happy to say that Ms.Harris has delivered yet another action packed page turner. Once again she managed to spin a tale that had me hooked from the very first chapter. The setting is that of a desert area and even though I have never been to any such place, I was easily able to visualize the Weston’s house and rest of the property. I learnt a bit about life in such areas and was glad that the author’s narration was detailed enough to give me a chance to understand why or how is a character blending in or standing out.

The plot was a good one and dealt with a couple of serious crimes [that I will not mention here as it would count as a spoiler] The characters were really good and loveable. Louise and Paul sure seem to have devious minds. I felt that Louise, who is an author by profession, had a mind that good at coming up with plans to counteract very uncomfortable situations. But for Paul to come up with similar plans was pleasantly surprising. I also liked George a lot. He is a tough dependable character. There are enough twists and surprises in the book to keep a person play the guessing game throughout.

I am now eagerly waiting for “Antique Forgery” – the second book in Alicia Trent Series.

By Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay

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