Saturday, April 20, 2013

Someone Dropped The Ball

As everyone knows, because we read it everywhere, generating sales for a new book in today's market is difficult. April 1st my fifth book was published. I am happy to say that today, finally, it is available through Amazon. Unfortunately, the listings for it and my other four books have, for some unknown reason, changed. At the moment they all show only the ebook as being available. They are supposed to show both the ebook and the paperback versions. Hopefully my publisher, Wings ePress, is working to solve this problem as I notified them April 3rd that it had occured. It is possible to order the paperback version by going to rather than Amazon. I know most of you are used to purchasing books from Amazon, but for the moment I can only hope you will be patient with this glitch. I apologize for any inconvenience this problem has caused.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Secret Door

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Secret Door

I'd been running for what seemed like hours. The stitch in my side burned. The spasms pulled me into a hunched misery, and the sweat ant tears in my eyes had blurred my vision to near blindness. The back streets of London were a maze, and I had no idea where I was. I knew I wasn't going any farther without falling. For the first time I couldn't hear the rapid, heavy footfalls behind me, so I stumbled to a stop, knowing it wouldn't, but hoping a moments respite would give me the strength to run again.

I half leaned and half fell against the wall behind me. The wall shifted. Too late I realized it was a door not a wall. I managed not to fall, but my bumbling gait caused the few people inside to look up in surprise. You could see their revulsion pass across their faces at what they perceived to be one more drunk. I confirmed their suspicions by the conscious effort I made to straighten my tortured body as I walked deeper into what seemed to be and Indian restaurant. Wiping my eyes on my already damp shirt sleeve, I walked deeper into the building hoping not to draw the notice of the people in the next room. As I walked I took in my surroundings. I saw the family pictures on the wall, the displays of drinks and food, and the cracked linoleum. Typical decor for this part of London.

The room I entered was small with just a few tables and one diner. If I could order something to drink and rest for a moment, maybe I'd have the strength for one more run. There was no way I could eat. The overwhelming smell of spices nauseated me. The room mirrored my struggle. Also seeming to be on it's last legs, making one last try to survive. For the first time I looked looked at the lone man seated to my right. He was slumped against the wall behind him. At first I thought the flies were after the congealed food on his plate, and then I saw the blood. His chest was ruined. Oh so slowly I raised my eyes to his face. I knew this man, this dead man. That he was here, that he was dead, was impossible. If Chad hadn't made it, what hope was there for me?

Monday, April 1, 2013

It wasn't an April Fool's joke!  Today my fourth book in the Alicia Trent Mystery Series was published.  It should be available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble very soon.  It is available now through the publisher's website  This book is called Antique Legacy.  I am happy to note that to me number four is just as thrillingto see in print as number one was.  I hope the readers find the story just as thrilling also.  Thank you, to everyone that made this possible.

I am also excited to report that I just finished my next book.  The Black Cane isn't part of the Alicia Trent Series.  It features Amelia Armstrong and the other members of the Dowagers Club.  Hopefully after a little more spit and polish we will see it in print also.