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In case you haven't read it yet here is a review of the most recent book in the Alicia Trent Mystery Series.

Antique Legacy Review

Alicia Trent received a large antique chest at her workplace Eclectic Treasures in Arizona. The shipping label said it came from India. Accompanying it was a letter explaining the mahogany chest was from her uncle Albert Trent, and that he was bequeathing twenty acres in England as described in the enclosed deed, including a house and its contents. Also contained in the chest was a couple of albums and family photos of people Alicia did not recognize.

As soon as she could make arrangements, she headed to England to check out her inheritance. Family members of her Uncle Albert were still living in the large country house that was in obvious disrepair. One wing of the mansion had totally collapsed. The agreement per the letter was that she had the right to evict the current residents, lease the house to them, or list it for sale. During her stay Alicia started a room by room cataloguing of everything she found in the massive home to determine what she would keep, sell, or throw out.

During her stay, she learned much about her family history, shocked at what she uncovered. As can be expected, her newly discovered relatives were not happy to see her and treated her accordingly. The animosity expressed by the family kept Alicia on the alert, and she was physically attacked more than once causing her to fear for her life.

While all that was going on, she also was struggling with relationship decisions – should she choose Lawrence or Nick as she cared for both? Unfortunately, life made the decision for her.

Antique Legacy by Eileen Harris closely follows Antique Discovery by a matter of weeks and is in fact a continuation of the story about Lawrence and Nick. The author has provided a smooth transition from story to story throughout the series. Each book can be read on its own, but readers may want to start at the beginning to understand the big picture.

Harris has a smooth writing style that makes each book an easy read although there is plenty going on to keep readers turning pages to find out what happens next. Most of the action takes place in England, but the author keeps Alicia and the rest of us up to date with what is happening back home.

Antique Legacy is an intriguing book with interesting characters and a well-plotted, sinister mystery story. It looks as if the author is planning more books in this series and they will hopefully continue the thread about Alicia and her interesting life as an antique specialist.

Harris also wrote the book Desert Shadow which is not part of this series, but could easily become one on its own.

A special thank you goes to Eileen Harris for providing us a copy of Antique Legacy for our review. If you are interested in any of her books, they are available on

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