Monday, August 11, 2014

This is the latest review of my book, The Black Cane.  It is being featured on a book tour this week.  I hope my regular readers enjoy this one as much as they seemed to enjoy the Alicia Trent mysteries.  At the moment Alicia is busy getting into new trouble.  Hopefully you will see more about that soon.

By:  Debdatta Sahay at Book R3vi3w

When Amelia runs into a little boy in trouble and decides to help him, little does she know how her life is about to change – drastically. Deciding to shelter the little boy called Marc, their paths take them on an interesting journey full of mysteries and adventure. From eight old women playing bridge one a week, they become a more exclusive sort of club, a club that solves problems to help others. With slight help from Leon and Wade, these ladies not only solve Marc’s case but also take on other projects and complete them successfully.

The first thing about this book that catches you attention is its protagonists. Eight ladies past their prime years who hold a bridge club one a week turn into eight sleuths over a short period of time. That may sound a bit lame at first, but the author gives us a believable reason to realize that it just might be possible. Each lady having been a working professional from varied backgrounds, come together and pool their different experiences and expertise that help them to see situations from a unique perspective. The plot is multilayered. Along with Marc’s case as the base, there are other parallel storyline (or cases) that take place in the story. Though this adds enough flavor to the story, a reader might feel that Marc’s story was being dragged on to make space for these stories. 

Overall, this book makes for an interesting read. I am kind of looking forward to reading more adventures of the Dowager Club.

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