Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Edie Dykman, Bella Online's Mystery Editor, had this to say about Dowager Diaries, The Black Cane, which is my latest novel.  Thank you Edie for taking the time and effort to review this book.

The Black Cane (Dowager Diaries: Book 1), by Eileen Harris, is the first book in an exciting new series featuring an active group of senior citizens who desire to make a positive difference in other people’s life while remaining active in their own. They are not ready for the old folk’s home, and mean to prove it.

This intriguing mystery story is a powerful look at how aging causes seniors to feel dismissed and overlooked in society, and how seniors have to fight back in order to remain visible in their world.

The gathering of the women to do good in other peoples life brought them a much needed boast in their own life. What they learned along the way and how they were able to solve crimes and help those in needs is the gist of this inspiring read.

Fast-paced and fun, despite the seriousness of abuse, keep pages turning. Never a dull moment with this group. Thankfully, the subtitle indicates more stories are forthcoming from an author who truly understands the desire of seniors to remain viable in an ever changing world.

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