Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is the latest review for Antique Forgery, the second book in the Alicia Trent Series.

This is the Second book in the Alicia Trent Mystery Series. I absolutely loved the first book, Antique Magic (Read my review Here) and so I was totally pumped up to read this second instalment. 

I loved it! Eileen Harris has captured my heart over the last couple of months with her Antique Magic and Desert Shadow and I am glad that Antique Forgery has managed to live up to my expectations.

I would like to point out that the writing style of the author has remained the simple yet likeable – like in her other two books. It’s with the everyday common language that Eileen Harris spins her web and this book is no exception. I felt comfortable right from the beginning. The mystery in this book has only one huge red herring, but what herring it is! I was feeling quite disappointed that the plot is so simple and certainly did not see the twist coming. I was left dumbstruck when the complete plot was revealed. Awesome is the only word that I have for it. Barry, Nick & Lawrence from book one made an appearance as expected. And though I was not sure whether I would miss Naomi’s mouthwatering dishes, Eileen delivered Laudine to keep those taste buds going haywire.

The best thing about this series is Alicia. She is one of the partners of an Antique Store in Scottsdale, Arizona – that’s her occupation. She is not an investigator by profession or by choice. But she continuously finds herself in situations that test her. Eileen Harris has built up such a practical and strong character in Alicia that when she is investigating the happenings around her, she takes the most practical and logical approach. Not once during the two books did Alicia come out as a Professional Detective, but she remained true to her character – and antique dealer with a penchant of getting into trouble. When she investigates, she is really bringing together the clues that are right in front of all of us – so it is not over the top or larger than life – yet it is something that manages to keep you guessing.

This book had two other future predictions for Alicia, so I am hoping that there’s going to be a book three in the series. So, Ms.Harris if you are reading this – please hurry up with it so I get to go on another adventure with Alicia soon. In the meantime, you all – go and give these first two books in the series a try.

Review by:  Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay

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